WetEdge Technologies™ offers a collection of

pebble finishes.

WetEdge Technologies is an independent brand that is known world wide. A leader in

the pebble pool finish industry, they have many choices to offer you.

Brilliant pool finishes with the most amount of glass beads we can add.

DiamondBrilliance™ is a product line from SGM. On average, each pool will have about 1000 lbs of glass beads in the pool finish mixture.

A beautiful collection of Natural Pebble stone finishes.

RiverRok™ is a product from SGM and was one of the original pebble finishes available for pools world wide. Feel the difference and strength a pebble finish can give to your concrete pool.

medium sized aggregate - subtle textured feel

smallest aggregate - very smooth

 large sized aggregate - textured feel


mEDIUM TO large aggregate - textured feel

Concrete Pool Renovations Marbelite | Exposed Quartz | Pebble Pool Finishes Pool Tile | Pool Stone Coping

est 1989

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DiamondBrite™ offers a collection of brilliant finishes.

DiamondBrite™ is a product by SGM and is very popular world-wide. The process of exposing the material allows the aggregate to show which creates a whole different experience different from Marbelite. 


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