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Three (3) year Labour warranty

Two (2) year warranty on Labour




Labour Warranty: Includes bonding or adhesion to the substrate (delamination)

 Leo Marbelite Inc., will cover the cost of material and labour only to affected areas from the date of completion. Warranty is VOID if the pool is drained during the warranty periods.

​Leo Marbelite Inc.,

(Applicator) Limited Workmanship Warranty:


please note:

start-up procedures and regular chemical maintenance guidelines recommended by the national plasterers council must be followed by the builder/contractor/service company and/or homeowner

Five (5) year warranty on Labour

WhatdoesLeo Marbelite Inc. warranty?

Naturally we warranty good workmanship. Our Labour Warranty includes delamintion (de-bonding) of the finish providing the pool remains filled with water during that time period. De-bonding is defined as the separation on the new pool finish from the old pool surface in the pool. Voids or hollow areas that have not cracked open or broken are not considered a failure. Leo Marbelite Inc., will repair de-bonded areas supplying both labour and materials at no charge to the homeowner or contractor. Leo Marbelite Inc., will not be responsible for any additional charges incurred by water draining, filling, chemicals, and heating of the pool as a result of tending to the repairs.

WhatDOES Leo Marbelite Inc. notwarranty?

Leo Marbelite Inc., does not warrantee shrinkage cracks or webbing due to pool not being filled quickly enough. Leo Marbelite Inc., does not warrantee against surface deterioration or discoloration due to owner neglect of proper chemical water balancing. Leo Marbelite Inc., does not warrantee mottling on coloured finishes. Any incidental costs or damages, including draining, filling, chemicals or heating of pool when tending to any repairs under any circumstances.

Maintaining your water chemistry and proper winterizing procedures for your swimming pool is a very important factor for avoiding most issues listed below:

Please refer to ourStart-Up Guidepage to see specific instructions

  • Mottling or shade variation on white or coloured pools, on all finishes
  • Discoloration or staining, surface spalling, skinning, peeling or scale on all finishes.
  • Checking or crazing (shrinkage cracks) on all finishes.
  • Areas that are hollow with no visible cracks are not considered a deficiency.
  • Any additional warranty concerns will be referenced to the National Plasterers Manual (Seventh Addition)

Five (5) year warranty on Labour

All Leo Marbelite products and installations are protected by warranty.

Customer's can rest assured knowing they are protected with Leo Marbelite.