The type of pool coping stone you choose depends on a few variables. The shape of your swimming pool and the motif you as the homeowner are trying to achieve will definitely determine your choice. Leo Marbelite Inc. brings all the pool coping stone options to your doorstep for your convenience. All your pool coping stone installations come with a three (3) year warranty.



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for all concrete pool renovations such as:

coping stone

Pool tile



pool ​repairs

​concrete work

Natural Flagstone Coping Stone - Rockface

Leo Marbelite offers various types of concrete work to help make your concrete spa or pool more suitable for you.

Customers are rest assured that Leo uses top quality pre-mixed concrete delivered on site, with rebar reinforcing most concrete pool additions.

1x1 tile

concrete work

12x24 tile

If you are interested in getting your concrete swimming pool renovated, please contact us so we can give you a quote.

Everything from renovating your entire pool to: pool tile only, coping stone only, tile and coping, marbelite only, pool acid washes, bond (scratch) coats, pool patches, pool repairs,  pool demolition, pool tile and coping stone removal, old marbelite removal, and sandblasting painted pools.

6x12 tile

Porcelain Coping Tile - Machine Rounded

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Natural Flagstone Coping Stone - Rounded Edge

2x2 tile

Celebrating 33 Years of 

Concrete Pool Renovations

& Surfacing

Leo Marbelite Inc. has over 32 years of experience with pool tile. We know what tile to use and what setting material is best for certain applications. We only use the best setting materials when installing pool tile so be rest assured that they will be trouble-free for years to come. All pool tile samples are delivered to your doorstep for your convenience. All pool tile installations come with a three (3) year warranty.

Pool stone coping

pool tile

12x12 tile

Leo Marbelite Inc. has been plastering concrete swimming pools now for 28 years and we are proud to say we work with the top concrete pool plasterers in Canada. Leo Marbelite Inc. on average applies finishes on 2 concrete pools every day of the season whether it is commercial or residential. Our finishing crew are extremely well-trained which is essential when getting a plaster finish applied to your pool as every square inch needs to be passed by a trowel, smoothed out and even. This skill is very difficult to attain which is why Leo Marbelite Inc. has had the honour of finishing over 7,000 pools since inception. Trust us, we live by "unsurpassed quality". View our Pool Finishes page to see our selection of Marbelite (ArmorQuartz™), Exposed Quartz (Diamond Brite™), and Pebble (River Rok™).

Leo Marbelite Inc. re-surfaces (sometimes referred to as re-marbelite) old concrete swimming pools with expertise. There is a process of detecting and removal of delaminated old marbelite, pool tile and pool coping stone options, bond coats, and then the final finish coat which should usually be filled the same day (see our Start Up Guide)